Sketching Essentials Brush Pack (5 Procreate Brushes)

Mac Ford | The Gladdest Thing
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A collection of 5 unique brushes, created with real pencil texture! These brushes add authentic scratch and grain to your artwork, while still feeling smooth and natural to draw with. Perfect for sketching, lettering, layering, detail work, and more! 


1. Sketching Pencil - My favorite brush for sketching! Creates bold, sweeping strokes or thin, precise details, with just enough graphite-on-paper texture. This brush has all the goodness and natural magic of a real pencil, combined with the versatile dynamics of digital illustration. :)

2. Soft and Scratchy - With it’s highly textured, semi-opaque stroke, this brush glides across the page. The edges are slightly diffused, adding a soft, subtle fuzz texture. Increase pressure with your Apple Pencil for a wider brush stroke.

3. Charcoal - A smooth, versatile brush with highly textured edges. Lays down smoothly and layers textures beautifully. Tilt your Apple Pencil to create a wider, less opaque stroke. If you love brushes that feel natural to draw with, but pack a lot of texture, this brush is perfect for you!

4. Paper Tiger - A little toothier, with some extra vibrance thrown in. Apply more pressure with your Apple Pencil to deepen the color slightly, creating subtle variation for a realistic colored pencil effect.

5. Graphite (Monoline) - Perfect for hand lettering! A highly textured monoline with rounded tips. Highly streamlined for graceful hand lettering (streamline can also be reduced for sketching and drawing).

Please note: these brushes are developed for Procreate only! They are not compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator.


This brush pack also includes the Storybook Color Palette, which includes 20 rich, autumn-toned colors that work beautifully with the brushes. (This palette is downloaded as a .swatch file, which imports directly to Procreate!) 


Brush pack includes standard commercial license and may be used on up to 5,000 final sellable products. (Please inquire if you need a copy of full license!)


So much time and care went into creating this pack. ♥ I use these brushes for both personal & client work, and I'm thrilled to be able to share them with you!

I hope you have fun playing and experimenting with these in Procreate. If you post artwork that you've made with these brushes, I would love to see it! Tag me (@thegladdestthingshop on IG) and use the hashtag #gladdestbrushes. :)


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5 unique brushes, 1 color palette, and How to Use Guide (PDF)


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Sketching Essentials Brush Pack (5 Procreate Brushes)

7 ratings
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