The Gladdest Thing Texture Brush Pack (12 Procreate Brushes)

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The Gladdest Thing Texture Brush Pack (12 Procreate Brushes)

Mac Ford | The Gladdest Thing

Now updated with new, high-res textures and optimized settings!

Effortlessly add texture and dimension to your work with this collection of 12 unique brushes. The brushes are created with real paint, paper, and pencil textures and designed with pressure and tilt sensitivity to make the drawing experience smooth and intuitive. Perfect for beginners or experienced Procreate lovers!

This pack includes a video walkthrough - see all of the brushes swatched & follow along with a tutorial here!

CHUNKY CHALK MARKER: A precise, smooth brushstroke with a smudged, charcoal-y, chalky texture. Super versatile - perfect for sketching, lettering, detail work, and filling in larger shapes. If I had to pick one holy grail brush out of my Procreate library, it would be this one!

FEATHERY SHADOW: Light and buildable, with a subtle paper grain texture and slightly feathered edges. Perfect for shading and adding washes of color.

SMOOTHIE SHADER: Solid, chunky, and tapered with a tiny bit of grain texture peppered in. Perfect for shading and solid fills.

SOFT ROLLER BRUSH: Thick and blocky, like a chunky paint roller. The ends have a soft, natural, textured fade. Perfect for hand-lettering and creating natural edges in illustrations.

COTTON FLUFF: A round brush with a really beautiful stucco-y texture and fuzzed out edges. Perfect for adding dimension and shadow. I also love using it as an eraser and blending out harsh edges!

HONEY & LEMON PAINT PEN (ANGLED & ROUND): Slightly transparent, wet, glaze-y realistic paint texture that builds and layers beautifully. Mixed with a subtle watercolor texture, so you can see a bit of grain within the brushstroke. The pack includes two versions of this brush: Angled, which has a crisper, more opaque edge and is perfect for lettering, and Round, which creates beautiful swirling, even brushstrokes.

SALT & PEP: Creates light, peppery sprays of paint drops. Mimics the effect of flicking a wet brush onto paper, down to the slight variations in the speckles of paint.

SPECKLED GLAZE: Fluffy, feathered layers of paint speckles that intensify color as you layer brushstrokes. Less pressure creates a salt and pepper-y glaze effect, while heavier pressure will build up to create a flour or snow-like effect.

MILKY WATERCOLOR: Creates a cloudy, creamy watercolor wash. Super buildable - you can easily layer light, watered-down washes to create vibrant, opaque layers. The edges also have some earthy, speckle-y details to ground the smoothness of the brushstrokes.

COLD PRESSED FILL: Full of earthy, gritty texture, overlaid with a scribbled pencil and speckled, seedy texture. Perfect for filling shapes with an organic, messy layered effect.

SEEDY VINTAGE PRINT: A varied, spotted line pattern with subtle ink bleeds to create an old, faded vintage print look. Perfect for textiles!

Please note: these brushes are developed for Procreate only! They are not compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator. You’ll get best results when used with an Apple Pencil.


Brush pack includes standard commercial license and may be used on up to 5,000 final sellable products. (Please inquire if you need a copy of full license!)


So much time and care went into creating this pack! I'm thrilled to be able to share these brushes with you. If you create work with this pack and share it on social media, I would LOVE to see it and cheer you on - you can tag me @thegladdestthingshop and use the hashtag #gladdestbrushes.


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If you have any questions, please email me at mac@thegladdestthingshop.com.

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12 unique Procreate brushes, download instructions, and video tutorial

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